Legal Update – Haryana State Local Candidates Employment Act, 2020


Haryana State Local Candidates Employment Act, 2020

The Labour Ministry of Haryana has issued enclosed Notification dated: 17th July, 2023 directing the Labour Department to enforce upon all employers in the state of Haryana to register themselves under the subject mentioned act which was notified & implemented effective 15/01/2022.
As we expect Notices to be issued soon by the department to your establishment for non-compliance, It is advisable that we take steps to register under the said new act.
To summarize, The act requires establishments in the state of Haryana to register & employ 75% local candidates for all such positions whose gross wages is less than INR 30,000/- per month & related administrative compliances pertaining to Registration, Return filing etc.
We are enclosing the act copy for your reference. Please get in touch with your account manager to commence the registration process before any adverse action is taken by the Labour Department.

BMC Circular regarding 50% Staff capacity

With reference to the News Article in the Newspapers today, Please find enclosed the BMC Circular pertaining to the guidelines issued by the BMC Commissioner for all establishments.
You may take an internal call regarding the modus operandi of implementation & for any clarification you may reach out to –
Disaster Management Unit & CCRS Department
Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
2nd Floor, Annex Building,
Mahapalika Marg, C.S.T. Mumbai 400001
Tel: +91 22 22694725 / 27
Fax: +91 22 22694719
For Complaints, Helpline No. 1916