Legal Update – EPFO Member Portal Services

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EPFO Member Portal Services

As per a news article on 27th July 2023, the EPFO is facing severe challenges
due to its collapsing and outdated software systems. The EPF Officers’
Association (EPFOA) has warned the Union government about the urgent
need to fix these issues, as the old servers are likely to stop functioning by
January 2024.

The EPFOA has pointed out that any delays in procuring new servers and
hardware will have significant consequences for the EPFO and its members.

The EPFOA has reported a surge in complaints and requests for help
regarding slow or non-functional software, leading to waste of time and
increased claims pendency levels. The pendency of member claims and
grievances is also on the rise.

We urge all clients to be aware of these challenges and prepare for potential
disruptions in EPFO services. We will keep you updated as more information
becomes available.