Extension of Working Hours (Rajasthan)

Shop & Establishments

Government of Rajasthan published notification to exempt Section 12 (Weekly Holiday) of The Rajasthan Shops and Establishment Act, 1958 for three years from the date of publication of notification subject to the condition that (1) Employer shall give his employees a day of paid leave every week, (2) The working hour of the employee shall be 9 hours/per day and 48 hours per week. If employees work more than the prescribed time limit then a separate record shall be maintained, (3) If an employee is made to do overtime then his payment shall be made according to the provisions of the Act, (4)Every employee shall be given an appointment Letter by the employer and one copy shall be given to the Labor Inspector and the receipt shall be entered in the record (5) This is only for the shops and commercial establishments, workers shall obtain benefits according to the sections of the Act (6)These exemptions shall be subject to the above conditions being fulfilled by the employer and the orders issued in relation to this by the State Government from time to time, (7) If any shop or commercial establishment violates any of the above-stated terms then the given exemption shall end and as a result, the employer will be made liable according to the sections and such other Laws as applicable


Extension Of Working Hour For Shops And Establishments In Rajasthan